Made to measure Curtains made in house by Ralvern , our team of seamstress are masterful in the making of many different types and styles , all then fitted and hung by ourselves for that personal touch

One of the two important elements to any lounge setting is the furniture design and the complimenting window dressing, we are skilled in both from the fabric choice to the size and style of a sofa, down to making the right choice on all of these aspects we can help you along the way to Perfection, it has been our family’s passion to create friendships with our customers and uphold the standards generations have passed down EST 1946

All of our Bespoke made Curtains are made in our factory based in Cannock by our loving seamstress who have a great passion as we all do for that cutting edge, from the point of order to the final fitment the quality is what we have come to expect for ourselves.

There are Many reasons I could tell you of why we all love our proufession, but this is probably paramount to the reason why, creating bespoke unique ideas that are yours alone, the difference between what we create and the alternative, the people we meet along the way is outstanding, please feel welcome to our place of work and join us creating your dream.